Privacy Policy

Eyesight Advisory is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers/users/service hirers and to keeping the personal and financial information secure. We herewith disclose our Privacy practices and encourages you to read our privacy statements to understand our policy.

The Eyesight Advisory shall maintain all the details of the client as mentioned in the account opening form or any other information pertaining to the client, confidential and that they shall not disclose the same to any person / authority except as required under any law / regulatory requirements. Provided however that the Eyesight Advisory may so disclose information about his client to any person or authority with the express permission of the Client / Second Part. Eyesight Advisory is not liable to directly connect to the second part client other than services related issues.

As per privacy policy client Bank Information, Nomination Information and Account Related Information will secured by Eyesight Advisory

Eyesight Advisory not liable to collect references from Second Part Client. If Client like our services and he willing to give good reference then Reference directly forward to Second Part.

Our Services Includes

Financial Planning

We help you to do financial planning and protect you against contingencies. Also, with help of our services you can maintain same standard of living even after the retirement.

Equity Analysis and Portfolio Construction

We are equipped with highly skilled staff who analyze your portfolio and make your investments secure.

Trading Support

We assist you in online trading. Whether it is mobile based trading or web based trading or offline, we offers a wide range of services at your doorstep. Also, we provide you valuable tips on which stock is the best.

Technical Support

Our analysts conduct technical research and update clients on a regular basis. It will help them to gain a deep insight about the market sentiments.

Need Analysis

We conduct price analysis, test and monitor hedging strategies including equity, currency, future, options and other commodities.

Knowledge Update

We update knowledge of our investors on a regular basis, so that they can remain abreast about the latest happenings in the stock market.